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I, like many people, was screwed by CarMax. I purchased a vehicle I was told was near perfect and it was not. I drive 4 hours to pick up a car they purposely had hidden in the dark. I still was able to see hairline scratches they claimed weren't there, headlights that were foggy and have reduced visibility, and other issues they stated weren't problems.


Less than 24 hours later I had picked my mother up from a cancer treatment only to be driving down the road and have the car lose almost all power on Interstate 4. Those of you familiar know that this highway has construction etc... so there are big semi's, dump trucks, etc. No problem if your car works right but when CarMax put my life in their hands, it was an issue! My car lost power because they did not check the charge pipe during their 125+ point inspection they claimed they perform on every car. Funny, because the charge pipe is an issue that their own service advisor claimed was a huge issue and said it should have been checked. (It was not, in my opinion)


While my car was being repaired, CarMax of Sanford, FL try and fix my headlights which they failed and made worse. They burned the clearcoat and really cooked the lights. THEY ALSO took it upon themselves to wet sand and burn all the clear coat on the top of my front bumper. AND, yes AND... someone slammed their door into the side of my vehicle while at their store.


I have not been able to drive my vehicle since a couple of days after my car was at their dealership. It's been at the body shop and at BMW twice. Why, do you ask?? Well, because after my vehicle reached the body shop to resolve issues with the paintwork they f*** up, there was a massive oil leak. The oil that covered the body shop floor. The oil that was missed while being repaired at CarMax Sanford a couple of days before. OIL THAT WAS MISSED during their 125 point inspection.


They don't care that they put my life in danger, my mother's life in danger or anyone for that matter. If you look at the videos we will be putting up from the recall investigations to regular cars that people purchase and blow up shortly after that CarMax should have picked up in their 125 POINT INSPECTION, you will see that this is pretty common.


There is so much more to my story, a lot of it in my videos. A lot of it is in over 120 emails I have sent back and forth between Garret, Benjamin, Terry, Terri, and other staff of CarMax.


I didn't want to create this website but after the failures in customer service and the fact that they still want me to drive around in a dangerous car with headlights they screwed up, and god knows what else... I suppose it needs to be done.


I want people's stories (as long as they are 100% honest). If you would like to make a video and sent it to me, I will set up a link for you to share and I will upload it.


Shaere your story with me! Please share this website as well!

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